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Disinfectants are a specialised group of products.

Disinfectants are a specialised group of products which are ‘recommended by its manufacturer for...
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Foods & Supplements

Conformity to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Code.

Review of formulations for conformity to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) Food...
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Medical Devices

We can help you decide if your product is a medical device or not.

Australia has a well-established Medical Device and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVD)...
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Complementary Medicines

These include; vitamins, mineral, and nutritional supplements.

Regulated in Australia as medicines by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)...
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AICIS regulates the ingredients that can go into your product.

There is no one single piece of legislation or government agency which outlines the ingredient...
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Cosmetics Regulation

Cosmetic products regulation and compliance checks.

Engel Hellyer & Partners have for nearly 40 years used their knowledge and experience to conduct...
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Sunscreen legislation in Australia is complicated.

Sunscreens must comply with the AS/NZ52604 2012 requirements. This standard separates sunscreens...
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